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Do I need an attorney for a protective order? The answer is yes

People often ask whether they need an attorney when someone is seeking a protective order against them. It’s a sad fact that individuals will sometimes get falsely accused of violent actions when the opposing party is attempting to gain an advantage in a custody or divorce dispute. Many times, our clients ask: “Is it worth it? I don’t want to

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Note from our attorneys – local counsel is important

One thing we would like to emphasize is that it’s important to have local counsel for your legal matter. We recently handled several cases transferred here from out of town or out of state. Our clients were legitimately confused about the outcome to expect because attorneys in other areas gave them projected expectations far different from our own. Other areas,

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Non-biological father wins sole custody from unfit parent – May 2023

There are no cases more important than those that deal with the safety of your children. This is true even if the children in question are not yours biologically. But when a client revealed he had raised his two teenagers since their early childhood, feeding them, clothing them, taking them to their doctor’s appointments and making sure their needs were

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Personal injury settlement – maximum policy limits – May 2023

We recently successfully resolved a personal injury case that deserves mention. Tiffany J. Fix successfully negotiated an amazing settlement for a client who was injured in an automobile accident. After our office spent months compiling pertinent information, Tiffany convinced the insurance company to settle with our client for the maximum policy limits. Our client promptly received the maximum amount possible

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Civil suit won – plus attorney’s fees awarded! April 2023

There are some wins that deserve mention, and our firm recently had an outstanding win to be celebrated. We were approached by a client with a case that every other firm had said was impossible to win. Tiffany Fix told the client that the case was an uphill battle, but that we would give his case 110% of our efforts.

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