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My Reckless Driving Case has been Reduced. What now?

Many of our clients are able to have their reckless driving charges successfully taken under advisement to be reduced to a mere speeding charge. There are significant benefits to having your charge reduced to speeding and this result is usually our goal in representing clients charged with reckless driving.

However, your case is not over when the Judge announces that your case will be taken under advisement for a period of time. You will be given a list of tasks to complete before your charge can be reduced. Typical tasks are maintaining a clean record, completing driver improvement, or completing community service. If you do not follow the court order precisely, you will be convicted of reckless driving at the end of your advisement period. The last thing you want is to be convicted after your hard-won victory simply because you did not know exactly you needed to accomplish. During this crucial time period, it’s important to have a lawyer who can concisely explain what you need to do so as to reduce unnecessary anxiety. Many times, the Court will announce a complicated list of tasks, many of which you may or may not understand in the heat of the moment. The Courts order will be handwritten and hard to read. You may have important questions such as: “Can community service be completed in another state?”, “Can community service be completed at a religious organization?” or “Should I complete driver improvement in my state or in Virginia?” Your lawyer should follow up with you after your court date to ensure that such important questions are answered. It is important to hire a lawyer who can clearly explain what needs to be done and give you examples of resources you may employ. This is yet another reason why it is important to hire a local attorney who knows our local court system.

Our lawyers at Simons, Thurman & Fix excel at written and oral communication. They understand our local Courts process and know exactly what you need to do when the Court takes your case under advisement. Our lawyers will follow up with you after your case to ensure that everyone is on the same page about tasks to be completed. They will send you links to resources and answer all clarifying questions regarding the Court’s order. Our lawyers take the time to answer your questions personally, as opposed to having a secretary who was not present in court try to explain what you need to accomplish. When you hire one of our lawyers, you can rest easy knowing that our lawyers will personally explain everything clearly and will set you up for success in completing the Courts requirements.