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ST&F Client wins Counterclaim Suit – February 2024

A general rule of thumb should be to not sue someone if you don’t have solid evidence. Another good rule is to not sue someone if they have a greater claim against you. An opposing party learned this lesson the hard way in a challenging case won by attorney Ben Thurman.

Our client was civilly sued here in Virginia. Mr. Thurman advised bringing a counter-claim against the opposing party for even more money. When the chips fell, our client won their counter-claim and the opposing party’s original suit was dismissed.

Now the opposing party has been ordered to pay our client significant sums when our client may not have even pursued the case had they not been baselessly sued. Lesson learned: don’t sue our clients if we may be able to prove an even greater counter-claim. Mr. Thurman and all of us here at ST&F rejoice with our client in this great civil victory.